Darbee double sided tape (36 Pcs) for clothes tape for clothes Double Sided Tape for Fashion, Clothing and Body | All Day Strength Tape Adhesive and Gentle on Skin and Fabrics | Transparent

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Product Description



bra stickerbra sticker

bra stickerbra sticker

Recommended Application Time
Minimum 4-5 hours. Can be used in the day . Minimum 2-3 hours. Can be used in the day . Minimum 2-3 hours. Can be used in the day . Minimum 2-3 hours. Can be used in the day . Overnight

Safe for All Skin Types & All Ages

Quantity/ Pack
1* Breast Roll, 10* Nipple Patches As per your choice (36, 72, 108, 144) As per your choice (36, 72, 108) As per your choice (36, 72, 108) 52 Count (8mm, 10mm, 12mm)

Application and removal of our double-sided tape strips couldn’t be easier. Simply peel away the backing from the first side and press the sticky side firmly to your skin or clothing. Then peel away the backing from the other side and press firmly against your skin or clothing. To remove, hold your skin at one end of the tape and slowly peel the tape away from your skin. Then remove the strip from your clothing. Simple, clean, and no residue.
Nouvel Tape Strips are completely transparent, so no one will ever know you’re wearing them. The clear color blends perfectly with all skin shades and all fabrics to keep you looking good while holding your clothes firmly in place
MOVE WITH This tape was designed not to ruin your silky and delicate fabric. Double sided sticky design keeps you completely comfortable all day long so no more awkward adjusting and give your clothes a great fit every time.
Women, moms and teens all over the USA love our tape because they can be fearless with their outfits and personal style.

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