GHOTARAM Bhoji-Lawa Chaksu Breakfast Rusk Toast Diabetic Friendly Rusk||Sugar Free Rusks/Toast Healthy snack|Chai/Tea/Coffee Time Partner-450g(150g*3Pac)

Price: ₹999 - ₹449.00
(as of Apr 08,2023 11:49:16 UTC – Details)


sugar free rusk Sugar Free Rusks are prepaired from 100% sugar free alternatives. They are filled with Khas Khas. Rusk is a famous Indian snack which is a dry and hard snack that is crispy and crunchy, it has softness of cake but the crunch of biscuits. It is consumed with tea or coffee. Rusk is loved by all age groups, especially kids. Rusk is famous among Indians for a long time now so why not try some for yourself? Sugar free rusks have high dietary fibre which helps in gut improvement. Rusks are served best when consumed with tea or coffee. Our handmade rusks are healthy. Also these handmade variety has less sodium content than the ones available out there in shops or market places. They can be eaten as a snack or even for breakfast.
Every tea time is incomplete without suji rusk is brought to life.
Majority of Indians prefer this as an evening snack with a hot cup of tea.
These traditionally baked Rusks must be dipped in Tea or Milk for best Taste and Consistency.
rusk is best breakfast.
Our Rusk Toast is very crispy.
Our Rusk Toast are made from Organic Ingredients without compromising the taste that we love.

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