Hatchpro 42 Eggs Fully Automatic Egg Incubator, with Aluminum Turning Tray and ABS Fibre Body (42 Eggs Capacity)

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Price: ₹10,299 - ₹6,950.00
(as of Jun 28,2023 13:48:20 UTC – Details)


This is hatchpro 42 fully automatic egg incubator with low price .It is high quality automatic egg incubator for egg hatching with automatic temperature control . It can accommodate 42 medium eggs like chicken ,Desi eggs, kadaknath eggs etc or 80 quail eggs . .It consumes only avg 80 watt power .

1. It is automatic low price egg incubator with automatic egg turning
2. Eggs will automatically rotate by egg turning system every 2 hours
3. It controls temperature automatically .
4. Fan assisted airflow that distributes heat evenly around the eggs

Egg Incubator can accommodate different types of Bird Eggs

1 . Chicken 42 eggs
2. Quail 70-80 eggs Aprox
3. Desi eggs :- 42
4. Kadaknath eggs ;- 38-42 Aprox
Duck eggs ;- 35-40

. It is best small/mini poultry egg incubator available in India.

It is very easy to use. Note :-
1. Use proper high quality fertile eggs for best hatch
2. Start the machine for 2 hour before loading the eggs ,so that it can maintain proper temperature and humidity . 3. Contact hatchpro team if there is any question.

Tips for increasing hatch rate

1. Never store eggs in fridge
2. In summer , store the eggs in cool place of your house . Store the eggs for only 2-5 days in summer after place the eggs in incubator
3. In winter , you can store the eggs for 2-6 days .
4. Clean the eggs properly with little wet cloth with Dettol solution . Please do not dip the eggs in water
5. Clean the egg incubator properly before using it .and after every hatch
6. Do the first egg Candling of eggs after 7 days .
7. Remove the infertile and dead in cell eggs .

42 EGGS FULLY AUTOMATIC TYPE EGG INCUBATOR : Its capacity is up to 42 chicken eggs or medium egg .It can be used for duck , quail , chicken , desi , kadaknath eggs
CONTROLLS TEMPERATURE AUTOMATICALLY , TURNING AUTOMATICALLY:- It comes with best temperature digital controller which controls temperature automatically.
LESS HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE LOSS , BEST HATCHING RESULT :-No need to open the egg incubator for adding water , you can add water from outside for humidity. In this way no humidity and temperature loss is there , which saves more electricity and you will get best hatching result
HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL BODY :- This egg incubator body is made up of high grade ABS Fibre . Body thickness is around 35 mm which make it best insulator and consume less electricity , Maintain temperature for longer time in case of power shortage. This fibre sandwich body is way better than thermocol body . It is very easy to clean and to use

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