Pink Harvest Farms Chickpea & Soybean Organic Spaghetti Noodles | No Rice – No Maida | Vegan | Gluten Free | High Protein | 200 grams Pack

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logologo Restock Your Pantry with our Easy to Use Superfoods!

Pink Harvest Farms was started a generation ago with one simple goal – making foods that help live a balanced and holistic life accessible in the modern world. Starting with a single acre, for us this has been a labour of love and are proud to today be a part of the global food community.

Our promise is sustainability, quality and above all – TASTE.

Organic 100% Chickpea & Soybean Spaghetti Noodles, 200g

Eat Smarter with Single Ingredient Spaghettis

Clear out the carbs in your pantry with our organic Chickpea & Soybean spaghetti, made only of the versatile soybeans you’ve enjoyed in tofu and our very own chickpeas. Join us in truly defeating wheat & rice with the almighty power of beans!

These noodles are a great meal option for vegans, the fitness conscious, diabetics, those with heart conditions or those just looking to hit their daily protein goals without all the carbs!

Our Spaghetti Noodles VS Traditional Wheat Pasta (per serving)

Protein: 21gm vs 7gm Fibre: 10 gm vs 2gm Net Carbs: 8 gm vs 41 gm

How to Cook?







21 g Per Serving (High Protein)

With up to 21g per serving (almost as much as 1 scoop of protein powder ) these spaghetti noodles are a protein dense alternative to traditional carb heavy wheat spaghetti’s.

High Fibre (Digestive Support)

Fibre is essential to a healthy digestive system. With upto 9 g of fibre per serving, the spaghetti noodles aid with the better absorption of nutrients in the body.

Single Ingredient (Only Chickpea & Soybean)

Our Spaghetti Noodles are made from only the ingredients on the front of the box, nothing else. This means that they are made only from Chickpea & Soybean and do not contain any artificial or added flavouring.

Gluten Free (Vegan)

These spaghetti noodles contain no rice flour/ no maida and this are completely gluten free. They are also 100% vegan.



Gluten Free


21g Per Serving 21g Per Serving 21g Per Serving 21g Per Serving

9g Per Serving 11g Per Serving 10g Per Serving 15g Per Serving

Net Carbs
11g Per Serving 10g Per Serving 8g Per Serving 4g Per Serving

Number of Ingredients
2 2 2 1

Taste Profile
Soft Al Dente Medium Soft Al Dente

Storage instructions: reseal pouch to maintain freshness/ storage in an airtight box in a cool dry place. No refrigeration required

Ingredient type: vegetarian

Organic chickpea & soybean

Package Content: 1 X 200 Gm of Chickpea and Soybean Spaghetti Noodles; Quantity: 200 Gm

ingredients:organic chickpeaorganic soybean

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